On Wed, 04 Aug 2004 10:24:30 +0200, Godefroid Chapelle
> I would like to confirm that ZConfig keys are case insensitive and
> that the corresponding attributes on the config object returned by the
> 'loadConfig' call are always lower case.

It sounds like I need to clarify the documentation a bit.

ZConfig schema allow you to change the case-sensitivity by changing
the keytype of the schema or of a sectiontype.  If you don't use this
feature, the "basic-key" type is used, which converts to lower case. 
The effect is case-insensitivity for the keys.

The attributes on the configuration objects, both for the top-level
schema and individual sections, are computed by taking the key (after
conversion by the keytype) and replacing hyphens with underscores.  So
a key of "My-Key" is the same as "my-key", and the attribute name will
be "my_key".


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