> > I propose:
> > Each time the child process terminates with a non-zero
> > return code, the tail
> > x-bytes of the child output be written to the Windows event
> > log, where x~2k.
> This is a good idea.  FWIW, I believe the Zope HEAD already has some
> work done towards this (in
> lib/python/nt_svcutils/service.py), although
> the child output goes to a logfile instead of the event log.  It would
> be nice to make the output go to the event log and then
> backport this to
> 2.7.

I started from HEAD, and indeed did find a good attempt at making this work.
However, it was disabled by default, it writes to a file, and had issues
with blocking reads.  I fixed this to capure the output in memory (but not
all of it - just the tail), and to use a single pipe for both stdout and

> > 2) reporting of "successful start" and "backoff" strategy.
> > A trivial startup error (eg, PYTHONPATH not set) will cause
> the Zope service
> > to hopelessly retry for a number of minutes, and not
> respond to shutdown
> > requests during a retry.
> Yup.  The reason it retry-restarts is because it's simple and
> stupid and
> the reason it doesn't respond to shutdown requests during a retry is
> because the service code sleeps for the backoff interval after an
> unsuccessful startup.  Any async requests that happen in the meantime
> are blocked waiting for this sleep to end.  I'm not quite
> sure how to do
> that better.

FWIW, the way to do that better was to use WaitForSingleObject(hStopEvent,

> Note that the Zope Python install also has a sitecustomize.py that
> munges sys.path in order to get things set up properly.

Right!  That is the magic I was referring to and had not yet found.

> Others have
> claimed this is unnecessary and that the work that gets done in there
> could be done in the service code.  It's a bit of a mess.

I agree with the others :)  mkzopeinstance goes to lengths to provide all
relevent information, and the service code does not take full advantage of

It should be possible for Zope to work with a standard, external
Python/pywin32 installation.  I'm not suggesting this become a distribution
option, but still a worthy goal; for developers, and to keep us honest
<wink>.  Note that with a few tweaks, Zope *does* build and work with an
external Python/pywin32.

> At one point
> I flailed trying to make the child process inherit its
> environment from
> the parent, and plastered over the problem with various sys.path and
> PYTHONPATH and other environment variable settings.  The current
> situation is a result.  Some guidance here would be helpful.

The child process *does* inherit the parent, service environment.  Hence
adding os.environ[] entries in the service does set them for subsequently
created children.

ie, setting os.environ["PYTHONPATH"]=SOFTWARE_HOME in the service main code
appears to avoid the sitecustomize.py requirement - the child process *does*
see the new PYTHONPATH.

> I'm a Windows signal idiot.

No - Windows is a signal idiot :)

> Is there a way that we can make the Zope
> process capture Windows signals and when the Windows equivalent of
> SIGTERM is sent to the process to shut it down "cleanly"?  This is how
> it works on UNIX

That makes sense, but:

> but we circumvent trying to listen for signals on
> Windows entirely at startup.

Can you explain the above?  Do you mean that on Windows, you take no special
signal actions, as demonstrated in WindowsZopeStarter.registerSignals?

I'll see what I can come up with though.

> Note that the UNIX environment has a lot of additional niceties due to
> responses to signals (like logfile rotation) that Windows doesn't now,
> which tends to have the effect of relegating Windows to a second-class
> platform on which to run a production Zope instance.

Windows certainly has these features available - they are just not always
spelt the same as they are on Unix.  Sometimes they are even better <wink>.
So there seems to be a chicken-and-egg problem - users will always consider
it second class until Zope itself starts considering it first class.  This
is an observation, not a critisism :)


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