Chris McDonough wrote:
These definitions are how I've understood them since the inception of
the collector.

What I think Chris wants to do is to have a state that means "pending
rejection".  He has defined "deferred" to mean this.  I would prefer an
explicit "pending rejection" state, FWIW.

I made a quick workflow diagram, and quickly realized that "deferred" actually ends up as a "need more information" state. It is not pending rejection, but pending decision in that case. Of course, that is what the pending state is for...

That in turn means that what is actually missing is a way to distinguish between something that has just been submitted, and something that somebody has noticed. So I suggest a "submitted" state, as default state for new issues, and that we change it to "pending" if we need more info, or accept/reject/wontfix. Deferred is then either removed or renamed "pending rejection" to notify the poster that when we ask for more info we mean it. ;)

My 0.02 EUR...
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