We've been having frequent cases of the berkeley databases used by our subversion repository becoming damaged and needeing recovery. Fortunately, it's easy to receover the database, but until it is recovered, subversion is unavailable. A while ago, I disabled tar downloads from ViewCVS and that made things much better. The database only got messed up every few weeks. :/

Lately, the problem has been getting worse.  Some changes were
made to ViewCVS to make better use of resources after I reported
the problem with tar downloads. I decided to upgade to the latest
version of ViewCVS on Thursday.  (Unfortunately, the ViewCVS project
no longer makes releases. The only way to get a version with subversion
support is to use their CVS repository.)  Since then, the problem
seems to be much worse.

I'm gonna try disabling ViewCVS for a while to see if the problem
stops occuring without it.  I want to verify that ViewCVS, and not
something else, is the cause of the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


P.S. Yes, I'm aware that Subversion 1.1 has a file-system back end, and
     yes, I'm considering moving to it.  I'm reluctant because 1) I have
     better things to do, 2) I'd rather wait for 1.1.1.

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