Chris wrote,

> I've attempted to add this to the Zope issue
> tracker and used the Debiuan bug's email
> address so it can be tracked there too.

Thank you for your expert response, advice and

> Please let me know if it doesn't show up
> there...

I see your message there
[] presently.
It looks good.  I and anyone else who reads
the #251038 bug log now understand that some
form of my patch is to be considered
for the next official feature-adding Zope

If any Debian guys happen to come around
zope-dev in the next six months, if they show a
serious interest, and if you think of it, you
might mention to them that Debian Zope has an
inactive maintainer and seems ripe for takeover.
Zope is somewhat a popular package among Debian
users.  While the Debian Project does not
normally take packages away from unreasonable
maintainers, it routinely takes them away from
missing maintainers who fail even to respond to
a takeover-proposing e-mail (but no such e-mail
has yet been sent, nor do I myself mean to send
one, nor do I call Debian's Zope maintainer
unreasonable: he has written me neither rudely
nor in any other manner; he has merely been
silent).  Sometimes sleepy Debian maintainers
wake up when a takeover is proposed; more often
in experience, they just keep sleeping.

I am no Zope user, or I would politely offer to
take the Debian package over myself.

(If the maintainer reads these words, I hope
that he will take no offense.  Presumably he has
just been busy this year in real life, which is
something we all respect.  If he would without
delay relieve me of handling #251038, I would
appreciate it.  His active stewardship of the
Debian package is welcome.)

Am unsubscribing from zope-dev now.  Thanks
guys.  If you should happen to want me
for any further purpose, related or unrelated
to #251038, please copy your message to me not
just to the list.

Thaddeus H. Black
508 Nellie's Cave Road, Blacksburg,
Virginia 24060, USA; +1 540 961 0920, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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