Lennart Regebro wrote:
Lennart Regebro wrote:

OK, I got test.py running. But if I run
   bin/python test.py Products
it will happily try to run the tests in all products. But if I type
   bin/python test.py Products/Productname
It will find no tests at all.
   bin/python test.py Products/Productname/tests
is no better.

Mööp! I was wrong. In fact, I have so far been completely unable to run any unit tests outside of lib/python with test.py.

Running "bin/python test.py Products" will run all tests in lib/python/Products. Hardly obvious I must say...

The easiest way is to run test.py from within zopectl. This way you don't have to care about Zope configuration.

test.py --help shows you the available options.

These work for me on linux:

$ path/to/zopectl run path/to/test.py --libdir path/to/Products -v
$ path/to/zopectl run path/to/test.py --libdir path/to/Products/CMFCore -v

HTH, Yuppie

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