Paul Winkler wrote:

 - containment only, does not include contextual elements from the
   client's URL, that's the whole point of this method :-)

What do you mean by "contextual elements from the client's URL"

  - same as absolute_url, and not usable in some VHM situations.

But what's it for? What change does relative=1 make? Why is it not usuable in some situtations?

 - is usable with VHM, but still containment only.

 - is usable with VHM, but still containment only.

Again, what do both of these do?

- containment only, not compatible with VHM at all and should NEVER
be used for URLs.

?! it certainyl works as inteneded with VHMs, what are you trying to say here?

request/URLx - close, but no cigar: leaves out traverse_subpath elements.

Really? Should it?

- includes context and traverse_subpath elements, but doesn't work if a VHM is not present or is not triggered.

Interesting. What's wrong with just:




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