On Aug 28, 2004, at 16:21, Christian Theune wrote:


I'm continuing to improve my small nagios plugin for Zope. I started to
include error messages in the sensor. Therefore I was missing a way to
get error messages out of the error log to signal nagios that everything
is fine. I have a working patch attached (it references an image that is
ready to be added as well).

Due to the fact that this is a feature and the code provides no unit
test infrastructure (and I don't have the time to start doing that for
the error log) I'd like to know what the general rule for Zope 2 is, If
I want to make improvements to existing code that isn't covered by unit
tests at all.

I'd check this in to the svn trunk if you like.

I just put in the missing unit test infrastructure. Go ahead and check in your patch and add a unit test ;)

I checked the tests into the 2_7-branch as well, only because the tests were easy to backport and more tests is always a good idea. The feature should only go in the trunk, though.


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