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Johan Carlsson wrote:

What exactly is the filestream_iterator that the FileCacheManager uses?

As I understand it this is a new feature?

For Zope >= 2.7.2, ZPublisher defines an interface, ZPublisher.Iterators.IStreamIterator. An application can return an object implementing this interface to the publisher, instead of a string; if so, the publisher hands it directly to medusa, and frees up the application thread / database connection. medusa will use the iterator to send the response back to the user, without first converting it to a single big string.

That's actually brilliant.

If I understand ExternalFile could benefit from using the IStreamIterator interface instead of RESPONSE.write?
For instance, for someone that don't want to store blobs
in the database temporarily :-)

Yup, that is what it is for. Chris has released a FileCacheManager which does this for objects which *are* stored in the ZODB; I think OFS.Image.File does try to work with the FileCacheManager on that.

FileCacheManager is available at:

with CVS at:

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