Note that I found it to be relevant which object I want to acquire (don't ask me why, though).

E.g. going back to my CMFDefault examples, I *can* acquire portal_workflow and portal_url, but I can *not* acquire portal_membership and acl_users from a denied context. Go figure.

If I change the test below to "app.wanted = PartlyProtectedSimpleItem3()" the test fails on current 2_7-branch ...


On 12.10.2004, at 19:14, Tres Seaver wrote:

+ def test_no_acquisition_through_paranoid(self):
+ # Check that acquisition through a paranoid object is not allowed.
+ app = App()
+ app.wanted = UnprotectedSimpleItem()
+ app.enabling = UnprotectedSimpleItem()
+ app.blocking = RestrictedSimpleItem()
+ self.assertPolicyAllows(app.enabling, 'wanted')
+ self.assertPolicyDenies(app.blocking, 'wanted')

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