> > http://dev.zope.org/CVS/ContributorFAQ refers to CVS (and zope3-dev).
> > I think all references to CVS should be changed to SVN.  Should I go
> > ahead and update the document?
> No.  CVS is still used for managing the 2.7 branch of Zope, and is still 
> relevant there.
> Tres.

Speaking of, the dev.zope.org/CVS/ area should probably be 
updated to:

  1. capture the current state of affairs (2.8 / HEAD on svn 
     and 2.7 on CVS), since it is currently mostly 'in the 
     heads' of the various Zope devs

  2. translate the CVS FAQ to the svn world (recommendations 
     for how to manage our 'activity branch' pattern in svn
     in particular

  3. clarify other questions that would be obvious to new 
     devs looking at that area of the site for guidance ;)

I've bcc'ed to myself to try to make a stab at this as I can, 
but its pretty likely someone out there could get this done 
faster. If you can get the me the content, I promise I can 
get your mods up on the site quickly ;)

To the zope-web folks and others managing zope.org content - 
we should also change the 'Zope CVS' (and zope.org/CVS) to 
'Contributing' or some such...

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