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def _get_content_type(self, file, body, id, content_type=None): """ Order of precedence: 1) see if guess_content_type resolves to a mimetype for the filename 2) if not use content_type as sent in the headers if available 3) else use argument passed in """ headers = getattr(file, 'headers', {}) content_type = headers.get('content-type', content_type) if type(body) is not type(''): body = body.data name = getattr(file, 'filename', id) content_type, enc = guess_content_type(name, body, content_type) return content_type

Does anyone have an opinion on this? Is the current behaviour
completely intentional, maybe even according to some specification
(and thus I should deal with it on the application level)? Should I
file a collector issue?

Looks like a reasonable solution. If it works be can include the changes for Zope 2.8
(maybe Zope 2.7.4).


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