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Sorry, I missed these susbequent follow-ups before posting a reply a few
minutes ago!  If we're going down this route, can we at least change
things so that the "guessing" is done using
ZServer.medusa.mime_type_table, rather than the default python mimetypes

I would guess that the medusa version is more neglected than the Python one; is your experience otherwise?

I now realise where my confusion came from. Python 2.1.3 had only 85 file extensions listed in mimetypes.types_map.keys() whereas ZServer.medus.mime_types_table showed 106 with Zope 2.6.4. However, Python 2.3.3 is now up to 117, so I guess it makes the better choice. Apologies for the noise....that said, I'm still unhappy that a browser can dictate the mimetype chosen for an uploaded file, but I'm happy enough to fix that at the application level.



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