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*By definition*, anybody who has declared 'setDefaultAccess('deny') *wants* the behavior you describe: that declaration says, "unless I give you explicit permission for using a name, refuse."

If Plone has classes which make such assertions, then either the authors *meant* them, or they need to be removed. This is (literally) the same thing as declaring '__allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__ = 0' in your class.

Plone itself doesn't AFAICS. Third party applications may, like the one I was talking about. The unfortunate coincidence is that these apps work fine with Zope up to 2.7.2.

I am of the impression that using aq_acquire in guarded_getattr does the right thing (by accident?). I certainly lack the Fu though.

Your test doesn't really belong in CMF, as you are arguing that the current implemtation in Zope is broken.

Please *don't* check such a test in on the HEAD (or branch head) until after this discussion is resolved.

Right, but I couldn't make it break anyplace else. Sorry. Feel free to remove it.

Thank you for making the case reproducible; Richard Jones had reported this issue earlier, but couldn't cut it down to a simple case. I will work on adding tests to AccessControl which make the intent clear (we can still argue about whether to keep the change).

Thank you!


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