Santi Camps wrote:

Here you are a test case for that problem. It's a very simple case of what my framework does.

How to proceed:
1) Install the product in a Zope 2.7.3 beta
2) Add an instance of meta type "AccessControl Test"
3) Try http://localhost:8080/AccessControlTest/get_sum_of_values. It works fine (is a method of Test class)
4) Try http://localhost:8080/AccessControlTest/get_product_of_values. It also works fine (is a method of Adapter class)
5) Try http://localhost:8080/AccessControlTest/crashing_test (is a ZPT trying to access previous methods). It crashes !!
Error Type: Unauthorized*
*Error Value: The container has no security assertions Access to 'get_sum_of_values' of (Adapter instance at 40ae6ac0) denied.*

Obviously, this is not a reasonable behaviour. If I can access those methods directly from an URL, I should be able to do it from a ZPT.

Doing the same on Zope 2.7.2 works fine.

To make this a useful test case, I need the product which implements the "AccessControl Test" objects. Even better would be able to reproduce the behviour using a minimal "dummy" class.

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