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3. It is very important to catch backward compatibility problems
    during development of new releases.   In particular, it is
    important to test new Zope releases before they are released in
    final form.  If a backward-compatibility problem is found before
    the final release, it will be considered a bug and will be fixed
    (by adding backward compatibility support) if at all possible
    before the final release.  After the final release, we may choose
    not to bother to fix backward-compatibility problems.  Consumers of
    Zope have a right to backward compatibility, but they also have a
    responsibility to test Zope against their applications during the
    beta release cycle (or sooner) to make sure their applications

""""Consumers of  Zope have a right to backward compatibility"""

Consumers of Zope also have the duty to test beta releases! A lot of people
are waiting the final release before trying it for a variety of reasons. So why
do be do beta releases? :-)

Exactly. If people want more frequent releases, which they do, and they want higher quality, then they need to help by testing. We need to make this clear. This is an important way that people can contribute.


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