I'm trying to figure out how to adjust Nikolay Kim's smtpserver code
<http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/collective/smtpserver/> so that
objects within the ZODB can affect the way that messages are received
(i.e. veto messages based on certain criteria in the first instance).

My problem is that I don't quite know how to get hold of the ZODB objects.
 As far as I can tell, Nikolay's
smtpserver.SMTPServer.SMTPChannel.process_message method uses
ZServer.PubCore.handle to make the connection, but I don't really
understand how this all works.

What I really want to be able to do from the server code is something like::

    root = magic_that_gets_me_zodb_root()
    account_manager = root['Control_Panel']['AccountManager']

I want calls like that to checkAccepts(msg) to be made a several points in
the SMTP session - say after each of the SMTP commands RCPT, MAIL, DATA,
etc.  I only mention that in case there are implications for some
transaction jiggery-pokery (although I don't expect any of the
checkAccepts() type calls to need to write to the ZODB).

Any pointers much appreciated.

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