Florent Guillaume wrote:
I'd like to revive this discussion about having events in the core.

Sidnei even mentionned getting them in Zope directly,

I'm all for it, and would really help many people.

It would be awesome if a minimal implementation could be compatible with
Zope 2.7.4, maybe as an addon product. But there needs to be a few hooks
in the core (object create/move/clone/delete).

Could we try to move together on this ?

Five already has had some work done in backporting the Zope 3 event system, so it'd be nice to be able to reuse this. I'd be willing to work together on this. I tried reasonably hard (there are at least some tests :) to get Zope to send the right Zope 3 style events on creation, copy and move.

If we backport the Zope 3 story, we'd need to worry about importing issues. If we backport Zope 3 events, what package will they live in? How will this relate to Five? What other packages does this draw in (zope.interface definitely)? Etc.

Five can make something send Zope 3 events right now by just another ZCML statement, though it drives a monkeypatch underneath..


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