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*sound of me protesting noisily*

Let me remind you of the Pope's decree:

I have not seen a proposal so far how to solve this issue that works with a complete Docutils package and without and I don't know about a better solution. Having Docutils in sane state from the maintenance prospective is much more important for me than leaving it as it was.

As I said in one of my responses to this thread, I see no problem that
this extra directory solves.  Could you please explain what problem
you think an extra directory will solve?

Stefan complained about the file and the additional paths injected inside the file. Moving docutils as a whole to lib/python would not solve the problem with similar adjustments to sys.path.

AFAICT, the problem is that you made a change that requires lots of scripts to be modified and become slightly more complicated. This is not a huge deal if there's a good reason for it, but I can't figure out what that reason could be. See below.

is the issue and not the location.

Why is docutils in third_party?

Stefan asked this before. You answered:

  "It has been moved there because older Zope versions shipped with a stripped
   down and hacked docutils version which fit into the path magic. But this
   version was hard to maintain and it was a pain in the a** to update the
   package from time to time. That's why it moved as a whole into a different

This answer doesn't make any sense to me.  What does changing the docutils 
have to do with it's location. Zope 3 has docutils in lib/python, why can't 
Zope 2?


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