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just wondering what the plans are for zope 2.7 and 2.8.  Specifically:

1) When is the recent release of 2.7.4b2 expected to be followed up with a
'final' (or indeed another beta) release?

2.7.4 final is scheduled for early January.

2) I have seen mutterings about a 2.7.5 release, but I'm not sure why this
should be necessary as I thought all 'dot releases' were only supposed to
provide bug-fixes.  Seeing as we're still on beta for 2.7.4, shouldn't any
outstanding fixes go into that?

Have you seen anything other than bugfixes in dot releases? Except some minor
improvements all releases were bugfix releases only. No major new features
were introduced. And new 2.7.X release will be made as long as outstanding
bugs are fixed but not *every* outstanding will be fixed.

3) Are there plans for another 2.8 (alpha or beta) release in the near future? Is there a timeline for this? Are ZC or anyone else hanging out for this? Personally, I'm pretty keen to be able to persist new style classes (for use with the email.Message.Message class). The wiki at <http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/Zope2.8/FrontPage> seems a little out of date.

There are some outstanding issues that must be fixed before the next alpha 2
(ZClasses, garbage collection). I don't know when Jim can work on this issue
(there are only some people with the detail knowledge to fix these issues). Since
I can not enforce people to work on particular issues, a2 will released when the
outstanding issues are solved.


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