Andreas Jung said:

>> 1) When is the recent release of 2.7.4b2 expected to be followed up with
>> a
>> 'final' (or indeed another beta) release?
> 2.7.4 final is scheduled for early January.

Ok, thanks.

>> 2) I have seen mutterings about a 2.7.5 release, but I'm not sure why
>> this
>> should be necessary as I thought all 'dot releases' were only supposed
>> to
>> provide bug-fixes.  Seeing as we're still on beta for 2.7.4, shouldn't
>> any
>> outstanding fixes go into that?
> Have you seen anything other than bugfixes  in dot releases? Except some
> minor
> improvements all releases were bugfix releases only. No major new
> features
> were introduced. And new  2.7.X release will be made as long as
> outstanding
> bugs are fixed but not *every* outstanding will be fixed.

That's fair enough.  Thanks for the clarification.

>> 3) Are there plans for another 2.8 (alpha or beta) release in the near
>> future?  Is there a timeline for this?  Are ZC or anyone else hanging
>> out
>> for this?  Personally, I'm pretty keen to be able to persist new style
>> classes (for use with the email.Message.Message class).  The wiki at
>> <> seems a
>> little out of date.
> There are some outstanding issues that must be fixed before the next alpha
> 2
> (ZClasses, garbage collection). I don't know when Jim can work on this
> issue
> (there are only some people  with the detail knowledge to fix these
> issues). Since
> I can not enforce people to work on particular issues, a2 will released
> when the
> outstanding issues are solved.

I understand.

FWIW, the two things I'd like are a stable 2.7 release in the short term
to setup a new site on, and a stable 2.8 release to develop a new product
on.  Sounds like Santa (aka Andreas) will be bringing the former ;-).  I
think in the back of my mind, I was hoping that more people waiting on 2.8
to get their features into zope might speed things up on the latter -
hence my wondering about the motivations for a 2.7.5 (which you have now
cleared up).

That said, I'm in no position to do anything other than inquire (in a most
friendly and appreciative manner) about 2.8 as I'm certainly not on of the
people with the 'detailed knowledge' to fix zclasses and garbage


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