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FWIW, the two things I'd like are a stable 2.7 release in the short term to setup a new site on, and a stable 2.8 release to develop a new product on. Sounds like Santa (aka Andreas) will be bringing the former ;-). I think in the back of my mind, I was hoping that more people waiting on 2.8 to get their features into zope might speed things up on the latter - hence my wondering about the motivations for a 2.7.5 (which you have now cleared up).

The latest "final" releases are stable enough to work with them.
Since Zope is meanwhile mostly community-driven things are done as people
have time and interest and willing to spend their free-time on such a project.

That said, I'm in no position to do anything other than inquire (in a most friendly and appreciative manner) about 2.8 as I'm certainly not on of the people with the 'detailed knowledge' to fix zclasses and garbage collection.

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