Andreas Jung wrote:

You're still not getting the point. Z2 shipped and Z3 ships with a *stripped* down version of Docutils where only the "docutils"
subfolder is used. Now the *whole* package is included which makes it
necessary to adjust the paths. Moving this as a whole to lib/python
does *not* solve the need to adjust the path using
or by adding paths to runzope&friends.

I don't get this. Why couldn't we just delete the *entire* stripped-down 'docutils' package and replace it with the *whole* package *in exactly the same location*? E.g. (assuming we had not already munged things):

  $ cd Zope-2.7-branch/lib/python/docutils
  $ find . -type "f" | grep -v CVS | xargs cvs rm -f
  $ cvs commit -m " - Blow away stripped down docutils."
  $ tar xzf /tmp/docutils-the-whole-enchilada.tar.gz
  $ find . -type "f" | grep -v CVS | xargs cvs add
  $ cvs commit -m " - Add current docutils."

What would break (or would have broken) had we done that? Another option would be to remove the 'docutils' directory *in the CVS repository" and replace it with a symlink to the "canonical vendor import".

Docutils should be kept *somewhere* as a *whole* which makes updating
 much easier. Moving the package to lib/python does *not* solve
Stefans problem which is maybe only a problem on Stefan's side (I
don't know).

The problem is that having to munge or the PYTHONPATH in order to get 'lib/python/thirdparty' included messes up *lots* of things.

I would appreciate it if people in the community could come up with reasonable proposals and ideas how to solve problems instead of
fighting against solutions being made. Especially the Z2 community is
currently in a state where there is much talking and crying of people
about Z2 issues that sux or must be resolved but there is really only
a small, small of people really doing something substantial work.

So looking back at this issue: the solution is working except for
Stefan and if there is a problem anyone should suggest a reasonable
problem or just fix the original problem (maintainability of
Docutils) in a better way than I did. Otherwise we should keep it as
 it is or revert to an older version that has not the problems. But
in this case I won't care about Docutils in future versions.

The solution is *not* working; it addes complexity and brittleness, for little gain that anybody else can see. Jim has already pointed this fact out, and asked for an explanation of the rationale.

Let's work out something which:

  - allows us to use the "canonical" version of docutils

  - doesn't impose unneeded restrictions on how people configure the
    Python with which they run Zope.

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