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I don't get this.  Why couldn't we just delete the *entire* stripped-down
'docutils' package and replace it with the *whole* package *in exactly
the same location*?  E.g. (assuming we had not already munged things):

   $ cd Zope-2.7-branch/lib/python/docutils
   $ find . -type "f" | grep -v CVS | xargs cvs rm -f
   $ cvs commit -m " - Blow away stripped down docutils."
   $ tar xzf /tmp/docutils-the-whole-enchilada.tar.gz
   $ find . -type "f" | grep -v CVS | xargs cvs add
   $ cvs commit -m " - Add current docutils."

If you unpack Docutils as a whole in lib/python then you will a structure

This is the directed where docutils import usually start.

If you do adjust sys.path to lib/python/docutils/docutils then every code
that tries to import the docutils package will fail because it tries to import
from lib/python/docutils instead from lib/python/docutils/docutils. I don't
know why this is so hard to understand or are we talking about different things?

OK, then suppose we vendor import the docutils tarball into a different location, e.g.:

  $ cd /tmp
  $ tar xzf docutils-the-whole-enchilada.tar.gz
  $ cd dodcutils
  $ cvs -d import \
    Libraries/docutils docutils docutils-0_xxx

and then symlink the actual package portion in the CVS repository into

For SVN, we would spell that somewhat differently, but the idea would be the same. The major goal is to remove the need to jigger either the Python search path or the package; both of those practices step on territory which is intended to belong to the system admin, rather than the software.

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