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On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 06:54 am, Aruna Kathiria wrote:

I did some work regarding SOAP support on ZOPE and published this
document on zope.org.

Is there really no interest in getting SOAP support into the Zope core?

I've got a guy working on some Microsoft Word stuff at the moment, and he was dumbfounded when he discovered that Zope doesn't support SOAP. In his words, "everyone supports SOAP". Sigh :)

Are there any objections to getting Aruna's patches into the 2.8 codebase? I'd be willing to do the work - but note I know practically nothing about SOAP - I just want to be able to use it.

I would like to have SOAP support in the Zope core (both z2 and z3). We are probably going to be forced to interface with Java based SOAP enabled software next year, and I for one would feel more comfortable being able to say that Zope supports SOAP out of the box... think "important selling point".

Ha! That's because you are located in Microsoftistan. Also known as "Sweden". :P

But I agree, it would be nice with SOAP support out of the box. However, that means including several third-party libraries, which either is a bit complicated, or may be hard due to licensing.

One possible way is to add a module (similar to the soapByCignex.py module) to the ZPublisher and use "try/except ImportError" to import it. The third party python modules could then be downloaded and installed and the server restarted, to add SOAP support.

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