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These are improvements of existing functionalies but not new features.

I consider "improvements of existing functionality" to be a new feature. Third-dot releases should be only for bug fixes.

Then I call them "new mini features" which are reasonably manageable through a reasonable release management (I hope we have one :-)).

Sometimes we compromise on this.

I realize that the lack of progress on 2.8 creates pent up demand
for new features in earlier releases.  I'm not sure what to do
about that.  I know I won't be able to spend time on 2.8 until
after the new year, at least.

I am not in the position to tell people what to do but an ongoing Z2 development
is vital for Zope and its community. A standstill is like going a step back. This is especially true
as long as Zope 3 has the infrastructure that we need to build systems we can build with Zope 2.


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