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[Jim Fulton]

We include all of docutils in Zope 3 and don't adjust the paths.
We *did*adjust docutils slightly.

[Andreas Jung]

No, Zope 3 ships only with the 'docutils' subdirectory of the
Docutils package.


What is it lacking?

I suppose it's the 'docs', 'extras', 'licenses' and 'tools'
subdirectories, although I see that the 'tools' subdirectory checked
in on Zope-2_7-branch was stripped of its GPL'ed pieces first.

Andreas, does Zope 2 *use* any of the stuff in the non-docutils

Jim, while I personally don't care much, Zope3's repackaging of
docutils doesn't meet license requirements to retain the original
licenses in derivative works.  Zope2's does, because it includes
docutil's whole 'licenses' subdirectory (except for the GPL).

I think we should stop the discussion at this point

Well, we do need to decide how to handle the license files. I suggest we create a licenses dir in the doctest package. (In Zope 3, I include ICU's license file with the icu data files.

> and follow Tres

- import Docutils somewhere into the CVS/SVN

- link the docutils/docutils subfolder to lib/python in the CVS

- move into parsers/rest as Jim did for Zope 3

I have no idea how we should with this issue in the SVN.  Maybe
svn:externals will do the job either  to the Docutils version within
Z3 or a shared Docutils shared somewhere within the SVN.

I prefer to use svn cp.

For now, just svn cp the docutils directory from the zope 3 tree.

Later (or now, if you want to bother), we should create a vendor-import
area in the repository and create a vendor import for docutils. Then copy
from there.


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