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I have some PT skins I'm using to generate XML responses and am getting
some strange behaviour.  I'm not sure if its because I misunderstand
something, there are bugs, or the API could be made more useful.

I will focus this discussion around the following ZPT:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<repomd xmlns="http://linux.duke.edu/metadata/repo";>
~  <data type="other" tal:repeat="source here/objectValues"
tal:attributes="type source/meta_type">
~    <location href="" tal:attributes="href string:repodata/${source/id}"/>
~    <checksum type="sha" tal:content="source/checksum"/>
~    <timestamp tal:content="source/timestamp"/>
~    <open-checksum type="sha" tal:content="source/open_checksum"/>
~  </data>

What is happening with this is that it's not doing any TAL rendering at all and just returning this 'raw' xml. However, if I customise my skin and assure the content-type is text/html, then it indeed renders this 'xml'.

I have experimented with the xmlns on this to no avail.  Besides, it
surely must be implicit in the choice of making this a FSPT, that I am
anticipating TAL/METAL rendering, and that any non-(ME)TAL tags in the
raw text are to be passed thru to the client...

I am also concerned that the FSPT code has implicitly assumed that the
content type is text/xml.  While I'd prefer this to be the type, at this
stage, this choice does not work ...

I would however have thought that in lieu of an explicit statement, any
FSPT would be of type text/html...

This brings me to my other question:  how do I set the content-type on
an FSPT??  It would seem that content-type=xxx in the [default] section
of the .metadata file is ignored.

I'd someone to comment upon my observations before investigating further.

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