Alan Milligan wrote:
| ZPT will process tal instructions in XML templates only if the proper
| namespace is declared. You must have:
|   xmlns:tal="";
Ok, I've explicitly included this now as well, and it behaves properly :)

What is the rationale for this behaviour??  Is there any situation
whereby I would NOT expect this namespace to be present implicitly??  If
this were so, there'd be no dynamic content in my XML and I'd simply
choose to store it on the ZODB as a File ...

You could possibly have pre-exising XML with another tal namespace used for something else. Declaring all namespaces in XML is pretty much the standard way of doing things anyway.

| Use:
| [default]
| content_type = text/foobar

No, this doesn't work either :(

Well it should, there are unit tests in CMFCore that explicitely test this kind of .metadata file.


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