Brian Lloyd wrote:
So the suggestion: I think we'd be in a better place if we:

  - Fix the publisher to at least recognize a SOAP request vs.
    an xml-rpc request

  - Provide some kind of 'registration hook' so that a Product
    can register with the publisher to handle SOAP requests

  - Have the publisher hand off where appropriate to a registered
    SOAP handler if installed, else return an HTTP NotImplemented
    or similar if there is no SOAP handler

  - Apply the KISS rule: only one product can register to the be
    the SOAP handler, and resist turning this into any kind of
    grand-unified-pluggable-publisher architecture ;)

This would be minimally disruptive to the Zope core, while enabling
people interested in SOAP to evolve different solutions without
everybody having to buy into a particular approach or implementation
right now.

A little late, but +1 anyway.

Lennart Regebro, Nuxeo
CPS Content Management
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