Stephan Richter wrote:
On Wednesday 02 February 2005 05:28, Chris Withers wrote:

Martijn Faassen wrote:

That's only to make things more easily deployable. Right now the hard
part is however detaching Zope 3 stuff from its dependencies

Really? That's extremely disappointing :-( The most important aim of Zope 3 from my POV was to be able to use as little or as much of it as you want, not suffer dependency hell as we do in Zope 2...

Yes, that is true for packages in zope. However, was designed as the application server and has thus many dependencies among the packages in

It's not entirely true for packages in zope either. If you try to extract one you'll likely pull in quite a few others. Detaching the dependencies is however easier.

Five has dependencies on, so to make Five use Zope 2.8 packages would require quite a bit of Zope 3 to be pulled in, or an awful lot of work to prevent it from being pulled in. Presumably only a few packages will be pulled into Zope 2.8 in practice, which means that Five will have to worry about packages from Zope 2.8 and packages from Zope X3 proper, and possible weird combinations and interactions. Not something I'm looking forward to.

I wanted this (Zope 3 integration into Zope 2.x) about a year ago, but by now, with the gained experience I have with Five, it seems a lot more trouble than it's worth.

Note that the srichter-blow-services branch will bring great relief to some of these dependencies. registration, component and site used to have circular imports, but in the branch they all have been merged into, with each module being independent of the others. For example, the registration code does not depend on the local site manager code.

Cool. If however that branch will have to be merged before we can use Zope 3 technology in Zope 2, Zope 2.8 will be even more delayed. :)


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