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Paul Winkler wrote:

+1 on all of those from me. However, I will be satisfied with anything that gets released as 2.8 sometime this year ;-)

Absolutely. The top priority, IMO, is getting 2.8 out as soon as we can.

Excuse me, but it seems bizarre to me that *if* the top priority is to get Zope 2.8 out the best way to go about it is to add a lot of features to it. The best way to get Zope 2.8 out is to feature freeze it and release it.

All I'm talking about is including some existing packages. I'm not proposing any more than that.

I recall hearing something about wanting to release Zope 2.8 as soon as possible before, and that was a year ago. Please excuse me of being skeptical this time around too.

The main blocker was and is the need to get ZClasses working for backward compatibility reasons. I am curreently working on this as I find time. My intent is to try to clean up and use the persistent class support from Zope 3 for this. This code depends on zope.interface, as does the trunk of ZODB.


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