Jim Fulton wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:

Five has dependencies on zope.app, so to make Five use Zope 2.8 packages would require quite a bit of Zope 3 to be pulled in, or an awful lot of work to prevent it from being pulled in.

I think Zope 3 is at a point where, if there are volunteers, it would be worthwhile to start working on getting things out of zope.app. I have this low-priority "bobo" project, which is about using Zope 3 without using the app server. In the little work I've done on this, it's become clear that lots of things that are in zope.app should move out.

We had similar issues with Five. Early on I tried to replicate zope.app stuff in Five so there was no dependency on zope.app, just on zope. Soon enough we gave that up, and our lives have been easier as a result.

 > Presumably only a few packages

will be pulled into Zope 2.8 in practice, which means that Five will have to worry about packages from Zope 2.8 and packages from Zope X3 proper, and possible weird combinations and interactions. Not something I'm looking forward to.

Understood. There are a few packages however, that Zope 2 can benefit independent of five. These packages are pretty stable so I'm reasonably confident that this needed pose too great a hassel. At least I hope not.

True, zope.interface would be one, and I guess a few others. You know better than I do which packages are bound to evolve a lot in Zope 3 from now on, and which ones are stable enough. Important is that Zope 3 remains working with the packages in Zope 2.8 as long as possible.

Alternatively there could be a knob in Zope 2.8 to turn off the Zope 3 packages included in Zope 2.8, and use those on the Python path itself. I'm not sure how easily that can be accomplished.


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