Martijn Faassen wrote:
Anyway, more work for Five developers doesn't mean this shouldn't happen, but perhaps a review of the use cases driving this would be helpful. If it's really only about making ZClasses work in Zope 2.8, is this really the only way forward? If not, I'd prefer to stick to the original plan, and wait for Zope 2.9 before Zope 3 integration starts to happen.

I agree. Get Zope 2.8 out now and then we can work on the Z3 integration in 2.9, preferrably merging Five into 2.9 completely. That integration should be rather easy, as Five is already in a workable state, and it's mostly a case of making copy zope.* to Zope2. Or am I missing something?

(The renaming Jim did is fine, of course).

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