Chris Withers wrote:
Stephan Richter wrote:

Yes, that is true for packages in zope.

So, if I understand you correctly, I can use all packages, except those in, on their own, without having to rely on anything else, right?

No, but we try to restrict dependencies as much as possible. The fact that these are generally useful means that they wre someone likely to depend on each other. For example, zope.interface is obviously widely used. The zope.testing package is also widely used.

However, was designed as the application server and has thus many dependencies among the packages in

Hmmm, that's a shame, there's a lot of things in that look, by name, like I might want to use them without using other stuff: catalog, cache, authentication, apidoc, etc.

When we are initially developing something, it's hard to know whether it will be generaly useful. We try very hard to avoid premature generalization. We also have a rule that anything that depends on must be in The plan and expectation is that, over time, many packages will migrate out of I expect that, eventually, will be much smaller than it is now. That shrinkage will happen over time has people have motivation and time.

That said, is it just me or do and look like there's a LOT of stuff in them?

Yup, we've done a lot of work.

How much of it is "real" and how much of it is cruft?

There is certainly cruft there, but we've trie dto keep the cruft/real ratio low.


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