[Rodrigo Senra]:
I noticed that Zope 2.x usually comes with bin/zopectl and bin/runzope
scripts but no zeo equivalent scritps. Is there a reason for that ?

[Paul Winkler]
What do you mean "usually comes with"?
When you install Zope from a source tarball, you can run bin/mkzopeinstance.py to create the Zope scripts,
and bin/mkzeoinstance.py to create the ZEO scripts.

Paul, I do apologize. I was accoustomed to "make instance" and totally missed bin/mkzeoinstance.py. That solves the matter.

[Paul Winkler]
Maybe what you are really complaining about is that
the ./configure; make; make install process doesn't automatically
make a ZEO instance?

That is what I *should* be complaining about <wink>!

[Paul Winkler]
Or maybe that when you make install, the last message is:
Zope binaries installed successfully.
Now run '/home/pw/tmp/NewZope/bin/mkzopeinstance.py'
... but nothing is said about ZEO?

Perhaps such a reference would prevented me from making this blunder. =) Obviously I think this is a good idea

[Rodrigo Senra]:
That was filed in ZC under:

[Paul Winkler]
That's about the lack of a ZEO batch file for the windows shell, aka DOS. Different problem.

Indeed! And if I have read that post carefully I could have avoided two blunders, since it mentioned mkzeoinstance.py. lol

Thank you.

best regrads,

Rodrigo Senra
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