Dieter Maurer wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote at 2005-2-2 19:09 +0100:

What other use cases are floating around?

The CMF user group would like to use Zope3's events and subscriptions to
make creation, deletion and modification interception more flexible.

Yes, those are definitely useful. I mean, I don't doubt there are use cases for something like Five, I'm talking about use cases for moving Zope 3 packages into Zope 2. Presumably you'd like to be able to subscribe to events and the like, so does that mean Zope 2 needs ZCML too? You quickly get very close to Five territory then.

Me, too, I am very interested in object creation/deletion/modification
events for a loose coupled architecture involving content,
associations, workflow -- all interfacing with one another
via the above mentioned events.

Part of the Zope 3 event story is actually already implemented in Five, though not tested a lot as far as I know.


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