Hi Tres,

Yes, this makes the checked in tests pass. This just means I did not check in enough tests yet though ;-)

I have added tests to 'shh-aqtests-branch' that demonstrate Richard Jones' use case of acquiring a simple type (string). These tests still fail.

I have also added tests to CMFDefault on CMF 1.4 branch that show how getToolByName suffers from a similar fate as direct acquisition.

Again, everything passes fine in Zope 2.7.2.


On 12. Feb 2005, at 00:46, Tres Seaver wrote:

I've checked that patch in on your 'shh-aq_tests-branch', where it makes
all tests pass. Please let me know by Monday (if possible) if the patch
does *not* clear up the issues you find in Plone.

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