I've recently installed QueueCalalog (with PloneQueueCatalog) and either I 
don't understand how it is intended to work (lacks documentation), or it isn't 
working the way it's intended to.

My objects, which are similar to the ATFile content type of Archetypes, have 
PDF or MS Word files attached and bog down Zope if indexing is done on the 
SearchableText index for these immediately, while users are logged in and doing 
work during the day.

When I configure QueueCatalog to select all of my indexes except SearchableText 
as ones that should update immediately, it seems to successfully queue a new 
first object I've created in Plone (and not convert and index the object by 
doing a portal_transform on its 'file' attachment attribute.  

This is fine for the first object, but as soon as I attempt to create a second 
such object, the queue gets processed.

The way I understand queue processing is, there are two things that would 
trigger the processing of the queue:

1) A site manager logs into the ZMI, goes to the portal_catalog's Queue tab and 
clicks the 'Process' button.

2) The Process class of the QueueCatalog product is a thread and (by default) 
is hardcoded to sleep for 60 seconds at a time.  When it wakes up, it will 
process the queue.

With that in mind, I modified the Process.py to increase the interval fro 60 to 
6000 seconds, but my queue still gets immediately processed upon the creation 
of a second object.

Is this a bug, or am I misusing or misunderstanding the tool's design?

Thanks in advance for any help - I couldn't find any good pointers on how to 
use the product.

Ken Wasetis
SPR Inc.

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