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| Now, "accessed" and "container" are always the same, and in some cases
| should be different.   I attach a patch to solve this case that works
| for me.  I'm not sure if my code is the best way to solve the problem
| but, as I said, it seems to work fine.
| Of course, If the patch is accepted, the same change should be done in
| the C version.

Jim and I worked through this, and ended up putting back the use of
'aq_acquire' to do the validation, precisely becuase *it* knows what the
real container is (from guarded_getattr, you have to guess).  Please
verify that the head of the 2.7 branch resolves the issues you found.

Yes, works fine for me !!

Thanks very much for your work on this issue.  I'm sorry I let it slide
so long,


No, thanks to you for your great work. It's really impresive. The minimum I could do is try to help when I can.


Santi Camps

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