>> ZODB.POSException.ConflictError: database conflict error (
>> serial this txn started with 0x035b25f36751f988 2005-02-10 18:59:24.215675,
>> serial currently committed 0x035b743c6d186822 2005-02-24 17:00:25.569220)
[Dieter Maurer]
> Where is the "oid" in this "ConflictError" report?
> It is vital information to analyse which object causes the problem...

I don't know. I reformatted Paul's traceback to line up the timestamps
for easier reading, but there was no oid in the original either. 
There wouldn't be, either, if no oid was passed to the ConflictError
constructor.  ConflictError.__str__ only includes info for the stuff
it was told about:

    def __str__(self):
        extras = []
        if self.oid:
            extras.append("oid %s" % oid_repr(self.oid))
        if self.class_name:
            extras.append("class %s" % self.class_name)
        if self.serials:
            current, old = self.serials
            extras.append("serial this txn started with %s" %
            extras.append("serial currently committed %s" %
        if extras:
            return "%s (%s)" % (self.message, ", ".join(extras))
            return self.message

In Paul's case, the ConflictError occurred on the ZEO server, but the
traceback came from the ZEO client (just raising the Exception object
the ZEO server  passed to it).  There's no way then to guess what the
traceback might have looked like on the ZEO server side (boooo!). 
Perhaps looking at the ZEO server log would have helped.
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