Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:

I have tried the following in my product class:

    def _zopify(self, o):
        # wrap object o in a an Acquisition.ImplicitAcquisitionWrapper
        # add __allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects = 1
        # Return o
        o.__allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects = 1
        return Acquisition.ImplicitAcquisitionWrapper(o, self)

and in my product code I do this.

        plist = get_non_zope_person_object_list(...)
        return [self._zopify(person) for person in plist ]

btw. if setting __allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects = 1 on the object doesn't work, the ImplicitAcquisitionWrapper most likely sets it to something else.

have you tried changing the order?

    w = Acquisition.ImplicitAcquisitionWrapper(o, self)
    w.__allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects = 1
    return w


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark

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