Hi all,

There have been a number of threads going on today re: 
Zope X3.1 feature freeze and the 2.8 effort. I'd like to 
clarify some decisions re: Zope 2.8

Jim is the product mgr for Zope 3 and I'm it for Zope 2, so 
hopefully this can be considered authoritative and end part 
of this thread ;)

  - Zope 2.8 will include X3.0 (not X3.1)

  - The Z3 developers will have *no* extra burden or 
    responsibility to support X3.0 beyond what they 
    would normally do in the normal course of maintaining 
    it for Z3-only applications. In other words, it is not 
    the responsibility of Z3 devs to make sure Z2 tests 
    pass, etc. 

  - It *will be* the responsibility of the Zope 2 devs to 
    make sure Z2 works with the version of Z3 bundled at the 

  - In the next few days at most, after a few loose ends are 
    wrapped up, we'll ask Andreas to make a 2.8 beta 1 release. 
    While Jim still has a few things to do, people will be able 
    to start using the beta for real work.

  - Anyone who cant wait for that can use the five-integration 
    branch in SVN

  - As a community, we will work out how best to adapt the 
    Zope 2 release process and schedule to that of Zope 3 going 
    forward. We don't need to decide this immediately to continue 
    to make progress on 2.8. I suggest an IRC meeting sometime 
    soon to draft a proposal.

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