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On Fri, Mar 18, 2005 at 05:42:05PM +0100, Andreas Jung wrote:

--On Freitag, 18. M?rz 2005 11:22 Uhr -0500 Brian Lloyd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>  - In the next few days at most, after a few loose ends are
>    wrapped up, we'll ask Andreas to make a 2.8 beta 1 release.
>    While Jim still has a few things to do, people will be able
>    to start using the beta for real work.

I think that the following outstanding to-dos for Zope 2.8 should be
completed before a
beta release:

[snip todos]

I understand that Jim won't have time to do these until mid-april. Is
it absolutely impossible to ship a beta which is 'non optimized' or
something? I mean, we got Silva and Plone running on Zope 2.8..

A beta release should be feature-complete means it should contain everything that will be part of the final release. A beta should not development release where things are subject to change in some way. We can do an alpha 2 of course with everything you want but as long as there is longer list of outstanding issues I won't consider the current SVN trunk as beta quality.

I don't think we have new features on the to do list. These are all bug fixes or optimizations.


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