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A beta release should be feature-complete means it should contain
everything that will be part of the final release. A beta should not
development release where things are subject to change in some way.
We can do an alpha 2 of course with everything you want but as long
as there is longer list of outstanding issues I won't consider the
current SVN trunk as beta quality.

I don't think we have new features on the to do list.
These are all bug fixes or optimizations.

My point is: we are adding a lot of new code to the Zope 2 core - it does not matter if
there is a tight or a loose coupling between Z2 and Z3 - and calling it beta. Any code
going into a beta should have been tested within at least one alpha release. In my opinion
alpha releases have the task to figure out major integration problems. Such problems
should be solved before the beta cycle. My fear is that we are running into the same
release problems as with the Plone 2.0 release (lots of development and changes during the
beta phase).

My suggestion: let's make an Zope 2.8 alpha 2 in the first week of April and let us nail down
a release date for beta 1 (in early May). So there is enough time for interested people to
test the Z3 integration and for others to fix outstanding issues in the Zope 2 core. This gives
everyone (I have the Plone, CPS, Silva communities in mind) the possibility to check out if
there is something missing in Zope 2.8 *before* we are going into a *short* beta release cycle with hopefully
a final version in Q2. Any comments?

I think this makes a lot of sense. Of course, it's up to you and Brian.



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