Brian Lloyd wrote:
Hi all,

There have been a number of threads going on today re: Zope X3.1 feature freeze and the 2.8 effort. I'd like to clarify some decisions re: Zope 2.8

Jim is the product mgr for Zope 3 and I'm it for Zope 2, so hopefully this can be considered authoritative and end part of this thread ;)


- Zope 2.8 will include X3.0 (not X3.1)

- The Z3 developers will have *no* extra burden or responsibility to support X3.0 beyond what they would normally do in the normal course of maintaining it for Z3-only applications. In other words, it is not the responsibility of Z3 devs to make sure Z2 tests pass, etc.

I think this is a reasonable compromise.


- As a community, we will work out how best to adapt the Zope 2 release process and schedule to that of Zope 3 going forward. We don't need to decide this immediately to continue to make progress on 2.8. I suggest an IRC meeting sometime soon to draft a proposal.

I would like to see the Zope 2, Zope 3, and ZODB release cycles combined, at least for feature (dot zero) releases, starting with Zope 2.9 and X3.2. That is, I'd like them to have the same release cycle. These should, of course, be time-based releases. My preference is for every 6 months, but I'm more than willing to try 4. My worry is that if the cycles are too short, there will be inadequate time for alpha and beta releases. Plus, a 6-month cycle would allow us to say that deprecated features will be supported for a year. (Of course, we could do that anyway if we supported 3 releases instead of 2.)

Thanks Brian!


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