Chris McDonough wrote:

Please correct me if I'm wrong here but I get the sense that Five is
less of a "migration path" from Z2 to Z3 than a way to integrate Z3
technologies (like views and adapters) into Z2 right now.  Obviously
allowing Z2 developers to use these things will give them a some needed
familiarity with Z3 if they decide to switch but the migration path to
"straight Z3" will always be more or less a rewrite, no?

It will be far *less* of a rewrite. Evolution is not easy, but we have had some success at the sprint at converting Five-based code to pure Zope 3 based code, and vice versa.

Five is very much intended to be a migration path. Once you are using views and adapters, schema and forms, and so on, in your code, and slowly move your existing code to use these technologies, porting the code over to straight Zope 3 will be more and more easy. Muc of Five ZCML just literally works in Zope 3; the views work virtually the same, for instance.

Evolution, not revolution.

For now, I think it is a huge win to make some Z3 avenues available to people who want to use them, without forcing everyone to drink the kool-aid at once ;)

Yup... I'm still a bit skeptical but if other folks are committed to maintenance I'd be less so.

I'll repeat that I'm committed to this.


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