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Andreas Jung wrote:
| Hi,
| there are several open issues in the Zope collector with Zope running
| on Windows. I can't see anyone worrying about the Windows platform (I
| also don't care about Windows as UN*X guy). So if you are interested
| in running Zope on Windows in a reasonable way than *you* should help
| to fix the outstanding bugs. I heard some remarks (behind my back)
| that Zope is not a stable solution on Windows...possibly.....but
| since Zope is a community-driven project  people doing such remarks
| should either shut up or help to improve the situation by
| volunteering (which is also true for other parts of the Zope
| development). So if you want to improve  running Zope on Windows: go
| the Zope collector, search for Windows related problems, find a
| solution, submit a patch and don't expect that everything can be
| handled by the handful of active Zope 2 core developers...means it's
| also up to *YOU*.

I told Alan Runyan at the sprint in Paris that we would be glad to have
Enfold's "Windows stability" patches folded back into upstream.  He was
glad to hear it;  I hope to see something from Andy / Alan / Sidnei soon.

I'd really like to see our "win32all" story cleaned up, per Mark
Hammond's issues, too.

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