* I realize Zope 2.7.x is clearly a "maintenance" branch (from Zope's POV),
but also a "trunk" branch from the POV of Plone (and therefore from mine

At this point we all know that Zope 2.8 will bring *a lot of changes*. There might be quite a few people (including the whole Plone community) who will wait out the first few point releases of 2.8 and stick with 2.7. I currently count myself in that group.

It sounds reasonable to me to be a tad less stringent on the "feature vs bug fix" on the Zope-2_7-branch at this point. I have to admit I really don't care about Windows myself, but it's sad that good and reasonable fixes like Mark's Windows patches are languishing. To me they would be good candidates not just for CVS HEAD but also the Zope-2_7-branch.

Just my 2 cents from my sysadmin perspective - I'd be hopping mad if I had to administer a system where these fundamental issues that still exist on the Windows port were not solved.


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