Chris McDonough wrote:
Yup, that makes sense. Are these assumed to also be the folks who will
try to make sure that new Z3 releases make it in to Z2 via Five? I
guess what I'm driving at is that I'd hate to eventually have a very old
version of Z3 sitting inside of Zope 2 due to insufficient bandwidth on
the part of those developers to keep up with Z3 releases.

That will only be an issue when Zope3 has matured so much that new releases do not give people significant benefits to bother upgrading Zope2. ;)

But is there and available, so people can begin to plot their own migration paths based on their own situations.

Please correct me if I'm wrong here but I get the sense that Five is less of a "migration path" from Z2 to Z3 than a way to integrate Z3 technologies (like views and adapters) into Z2 right now. Obviously allowing Z2 developers to use these things will give them a some needed familiarity with Z3 if they decide to switch but the migration path to "straight Z3" will always be more or less a rewrite, no?

Well, what you can do is write Zope2 products that can be easily migrated to zope 3. Is that a migration path? maybe not...

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